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Hey! As you can see, I am doing a giveaway for a Guest post! So you can email me what you will post, and your name and your blog name (if you have one). And any body can do a guest post! I will randomly pick a winner every month But you can still email me if you like. If you would not like to be in every month that is OK.

And now It is time to shout out your Doll Site!

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Shout out your doll site!#1

Hey There friends! there is a couple things I would like to say,

  • 1.So I now have 1O followers! thank you so much!
  • 2. I have NO photo shoots on my blog. I am such a terrible blogger! 
  • If you did not know, my blog was on blogspot!
  • And I would like to give a shout out to Melody Q!
  • And AG Homeschooler!

I think that is all so lets get to the Main Post.

Would you like to shout out your doll site?

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Have you ever participated in a shout out your doll site???




Maryellen’s Diary

Hello there! I had A great post idea, and a thought you would like it. So with out further ado, Maryellen’s Diary!this is a diary so there will be no pictures, sorry. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  I met a new friend today! Her name is Ruthie and she is really sweet and funny! She told me all about her self, she has 7 SISTERS!! And loves to play basketball. When it was time for her to go she introduced me to her mom Mrs. gardener. When my Foster parent came to Pick me up she said I had A interview this evening and to hurry up and get in the car because she wanted to get me ready for the interview. So as I we where riding in the car  my mind was racing, where they going to adopt me, what where they going to look like, will I have any Sisters??? when we got home I rushed to my bedroom to do my home work, just then there was a knock on the door, Ellie, may I come in? said Cami. not right now please. I said to Cami. finally. I said as I finished my homework. as I started to do my hair I heard anther knock on the door, May I please come in now!? Yes, you can come now. I said laughing. she walked in with her stuffed bunny. What are you doing?I am doing my hair Why? because I have an interview. You have an interview by the news!? No silly! its for me to get a family! Ohh. Cool! well by now. By. phew! I said. Knock, knock, knock. Hello, who is is it? Me, said my foster parent. she Said there her! EKKKKK! I cant wait to meet them! I said. there names are Mr. and Mrs. Gardener…….


Did you like it??

Well that is all for today folks!


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This Or That?

Here is another This Or That! Shall we begin? This is a long one!
















NAIL POLISH SET OR MARYELLEN’S  ROCK’N ROLLER SKATES? FGF25_Maryellens_Roller_Skating_Accessories_1





Well, thats all for today! see you later!



P.S don’t forget to tell me your answers!



Whats, up everyone! My week was amazing! Sooo, I know there has been delays over the past 3,4,5?  months, but here you go, the doll that I got is













































































































































I am soo happy that I got her this Christmas!! And my Sis got Truly me 21! She named her Christal! And the big day has come and Luciana Vega is here!!

luciana (1)

Her motto is:
Luciana Vega
I know I’ve got what it takes to be a real astronaut
With creativity, confidence, and a serious science streak, I can launch my dream of landing on Mars. But my teamwork skills still need work. I’ll have to learn how to reach others if I want to reach the stars.
Don’t you her???








A crisis….

AG is in a crisis, fellow, followers! We have true evidence that there are going to be boy dolls!  Check out Kiki’s post here to learn more about it. On January 1st not only Luciana is coming out, but the new Truly Me boy doll are supposed to come out. I am not happy with AG right now. Now, I have come up with something:

Everyone who wants to, should boycott boy AG items. You don’t have to boycott all AG items, but just the ones that are boy dolls and boy doll clothes. Say #BoycottAGBoyDolls in the comments if you are going to boycott AG boy dolls and clothes.

A lot of people were saying to boycott AG altogether, but I didn’t want to do that. This way, everyone can still get their AG doll clothes and accessories, but not the boy ones. I am NOT happy with AG that they are doing this.

signing out,


P.S my new doll has black shoes

P.S.S  Thank you  Kaylyn for letting me copy this!

I What?!

something big happened, fellow followers!

  • this is soo not worth it
  • Ok, yeah I got a NEW DOLL! And A LEA CLARK MINI DOLL! Soo that happened…… You want  to guess who I got?
  • She has pink in her outfit.


Have fun guessing!


P.S What did you get for Christmas?

Christmas Tag!!!


img_8766-2Merry Christmas, Fellow friends!! I have been taged by Miri! well not really, but she said anyone could do it so I did. 

Here are the rules! 

– thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog
– add the picture in your blog (the red one above)
– copy these rules into your post
– add a link to the original post (Small Dolls, big hearts.)
– answer the ten questions (you can add extra Christmas-related questions if you want)
– tag at least three other bloggers with links to their blogs
– have fun!

-What is your favorite thing about Christmas??

Are Christmas party!!

-What is your favorite Christmas memory??

The time my sister got her first horse

-Do you have any Christmas traditions?? 

Yes! we put all of are names in a cup, then we shake it up, then every one gets a name, and who ever you got you have to get a present for them….. I got my brother this year…

-What is your Christmas wish??

UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……………….  oh, that my horse would get better……

-What is your favorite Christmas dish??

All of it!!!

– What is your favorite Christmas decoration??

Are Christmas tree!

-Whats your favorite Christmas song?

White Christmas

-Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?

At my Mimi’s house

-What does the Christmas spirit mean to you?

Joy, Peace, Love, Kindness, Hope, etc. 

-Out of anyone in the world would you want to spend Christmas with?

My BIG Family…


I Tag………


AND Loren, From Lets Be Lost!



Xyra Silverleaf


Don’t forget about my Christmas wish list that I made!












My Christmas Wishlist!

ugh, finally!  Hello! Today  I  am going to show you who/what I want for Christmas!

Here We Go!

  • Maryellen, she is so pretty!
  • Celebration dress, I absolutely love it!
  • Truly me doll 61
  • Travel in style dress
  • Travel in style accessories
  • Trundle bed & beding
  • Sequin penguin outfit
  • Woven flower purse
  • Sparkle sneakers
  • Bubble bathtub
  • Nanea’s school outfit
  • Julie’s pet bunny
  • Mini doll, Kit


How can you resist??? 


Look how pretty……….that dress is! hahahaha



Well that is all for today! 9898

See ya later!


The Blue Sky Tag!

Hey there! Just AG  nominated me for the blue sky tag! Ribbet Edit tbst  thank you so much!

here are her questions!






#1 Do you like Nanea?
Hmmm…  when I first saw her I thought she was weird, but shes growing on me
#2 What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
cookies’n cream
#3 Would you rather eat a leaf or a butterfly wing?
#4 Do you play any instruments or sing?
I like to sing…
#5 What is your dream pet?
A bird
#6  Logan or Kaya?
#7 What is your current favorite song?
I have a lot of favorite songs, but right now I am singing white christmas
#8 How many dolls do you have?
#9 What is your favorite season?
#10 Favorite color?
#11 Which AG doll is on your wishlist next?



I nominate……
YOU! Yes you! I want everyone to do it!
here are your questions!

what is your favorite TV show?

what is your favorite season?

 how many brothers and sisters do you have

what was the most boring-est time of your life?

do you have a phone?

what would your dream doll look like?

what is your most prized possession

 What is the next doll(s) (AG or non-AG) you want to get?

well that is all the questions!