Happy Good Friday!!

You can reblog this if you like Happy Good Friday Gals! No, It doesn't mean that "The Easter Bunny is starting his journey"(LOL)  It Means That today is the day Jesus Christ Died  for You On a cross,Crucified  And for 3 whole Days He stayed in the grave For you and on Sunday is When he rose form the grave taking … Continue reading Happy Good Friday!!



Hey all you ,amazing, awesome, wonderful, totally cool, blog commenters! y'all are awesome! Total Stats: Views: 1,238       Visitors:  300       Likes: 265         Comments: 120 Goals: Get 100 followers by November 1,000 comments by next spring 1,000 likes by Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is celebration time!!             … Continue reading 120 Comments!?

Day Of Fetch With Coconut

Hello all You Wonderful Followers! Today We Have A very Short Photo Shoot! Hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, Hey Boy! You Wanna Play Fetch?! Do Ya?! You Ready boy?! Goooooo Get It! Back Already?! Ok Then Looks Like we will have to do another Round! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Behind The Scenes! Curious Spirit! Every Time I tried … Continue reading Day Of Fetch With Coconut

Pen Pal Project #2

Hello!! As You may remember that a couple posts a go that Me And Emmie and our dolls are Pen Pals! So With out further ado; Saige!!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi! Great to hear from you! You Have a pet sloth!! Wow that is So cool!! Does Lea Play With you a lot? What Is Your Favorite piece … Continue reading Pen Pal Project #2

This Or That

Hello Awesome followers!!! Speaking of, we have 30 Followers!! Thank you guys so much!  You get a cupcake! Now Time for a short this or that, OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well thats all for today!  Don't forget to tell me your answers in the comments! See ya! Byyyy!