Pen Pal Project #2

Hello!! As You may remember that a couple posts a go that Me And Emmie and our dolls are Pen Pals! So With out further ado; Saige!!



Hi! Great to hear from you! You Have a pet sloth!! Wow that is So cool!! Does Lea Play With you a lot? What Is Your Favorite piece of clothing?Wow I guess your not a picky eater!! My Favorite color is…… Blue! Hmm, Well My dog died last year, But I got a new one! her name is pouch. She Is cream colored and very cute!! And I have a horse named Mia. She Is brown like your horse. My birthday is June 19th 2004. how do you ride your horse? English or western? do like to do crafts? Do you like to climb trees? What is the weather like where you live? I hope we can met each other! My Favorite flower is probably a tulip. Whats yours?

Hope To hear from you soon,


P.s I made you a poster!

Ribbet Edit rty6



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