What Is she saying?!


Hi gals! How about a what is she saying? this is where, I will show you three pictures, and you have to make a caption for all three, and I will randomly pick a winner, and whoever wins will get free advertising on my right side bar on all two of my blogs. ready?

(sorry for the blurry-ness)




Just Comment your answers bellow!

Good luck!




16 thoughts on “What Is she saying?!

  1. Kaylyn Grace says:

    “OK. We all NEED nice clothes for the spring dance at our school. How are we going to get them?”
    “Well, our sister, who is sleeping right now, has awesome dresses! Maybe we could steal one from her… *evil laugh*”
    “Shhhhhh!!!! That is an awesome idea, but we need to be super quiet!”
    “OK! *Sneaks over and steals a bunch of fancy dresses*”
    “What are you guys doing? ARE YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY CLOTHES!!!???”
    “AHHH, RUN!!!!!!”

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  2. Arabella says:


    “We need to get in there! She’s sick and now’s my chance to wear the outfit she bought just so I couldn’t get it!” Saige says.
    *after she starts stealing dress*
    “Do you guys think Saige’ll make it without her waking up?”
    *comes back*
    “I GOT IT!” Saige whisper-shouts.
    “You do know that yesterday she was wearing that dress when she was sick?”
    “no.” *in head: “WHAT!!!! GET THIS AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEE”*
    *drops dress*

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  3. Kate says:

    “Where’s Mimi?”
    “In here, sleeping.”
    (Yawns) “Water Water. Must have water.”
    “Um..Cathy will get it. Let me get you a nice dress.”
    “Let’s just leave her alone.”

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  4. Gracie says:

    “Look, girls, we’ve got to do something!”
    “How do we know she’s not seriously ill?”
    “Maybe she’ll just wake up in a minute. She’s probably just really tired.”
    “I’ll sort out her wardrobe for her. That’ll give her a nice surprise.”
    “I’m not sure. Do you think she’ll want us messing about with her clothes?”

    I really enjoyed that!

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  5. lydiatheballerinist says:

    “She definitely stole the pink dress! I’ll prove it!”
    *goes into her room and picks up dress*
    “Heeelp!” Kit cries in her sleep.
    *hurries out of room without dress*
    “I’m not doing that again!”

    – lots of fun!! love it ❤

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