Evening Walk~A Photoshoot/Q&A With Kit!

Hiya! Here is a short but pretty photo shoot with Sagie! Hope you enjoy! Do not look in the background!! Ta-da! Hope you liked 'em! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now for a word with Kit! Hello Everyone! i will be taking over now. i am not the best at typing but as long as you can tell what … Continue reading Evening Walk~A Photoshoot/Q&A With Kit!


This Or That!? Name Edition!

Hi there! I am back with another this or that! excipit you have to chose a name for the doll! Hope you enjoy this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rose Or Marie? Jenny Or Ella? Abby Or Leslie? Zella or Beth? Joan or Lizzy? Shelby Or Grace? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ta-Da! Have fun!  

The Big Battle/Pt 1

Hello! I wrote a story and I wanted to share. It starts off a family meeting about what they will do in there new month, But then, a big fight breaks out Between two sisters, who will stop them now?? Liz MG/Marie Grace  Crystal/Cris Ruthie  Kit Sagie Cara/Caroline  Everyone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is it April already??? Um...Yes? … Continue reading The Big Battle/Pt 1