Evening Walk~A Photoshoot/Q&A With Kit!

Hiya! Here is a short but pretty photo shoot with Sagie! Hope you enjoy!


Do not look in the background!!


Ta-da! Hope you liked ’em!


Now for a word with Kit!

Hello Everyone! i will be taking over now. i am not the best at typing but as long as you can tell what i am saying i am  shure it wil be okey.. first, you can interveiw me! kinda like a q&a, but you can just ask me Questions!sO just ask Questions you know! q&a!a what does that StaNd for??  Quite and apple? Oh well. Mom just TOld me sAy that……/ so yeah! I AM so Tierd of Tis typijg thinG it is So COnFuING!1 WHat? RuLeS? oh. Uh.hM. nO RULES! TROW EM awyay! ok so yeah bye! (p.s my name is really margret! but you Can CAll me Margie) Hey MoM HOW DO you PUt smiles? oh, ☻♥☺:) 😦 ;(  😀



Okay….. That was strange, but, uh, yeah, Q&A with Kit! Just ask her questions in the comments!

See Ya!



Kit: Bye again!



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