Um… sorry???/ A Word From Liz

HEY!! Hehehe, its been a while…. super sorry! I guess I am a little busy right now….. I need to take a little break. okay, here is the question:

Can any of you do guest posts?

Like, if you wanna do a guest post, just contact me. I need your help!!!


Thanks!! AND….. Make sure you tell me what it will be about! And make sure it is doll related. Elizabeth(Liz) wants to tell you something:

Oh.My.Gosh. I can’t believe it! I just can not believe it!!! I apologize for Kits terrible writing skills.(Kit) I can’t believe you just said that!!! ARG!!(jumps on Liz)  HEY!! Its not my fault you have terrible typing skills! How dare you say that!! Whoa!! Whoa!! Y’all need to like, chill! Liz, why don’t you help Kit? Since Her typing is “terrible”. Uhhh…. I don’t Know if she’ll even listen. Of course I will!! I’d love to be taught how to type by the most amazing blogger ever!! YOU WOULD?!?? Aww Shucks!!! Kit! Thank you!!  Your welcome!*starts teaching Kit to type* Ohhh kay…… I’m just going to go….

That was weird….. Anyway! Hope you are able to do a guest post! It would really help me out!

See ya!


P.S was that funny???


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