Amy With The Pandas! P.T 1

Hello fellow doll fans! Welcome back to my blog! And today we have a three part photo story series called, “Amy With The Pandas”! Enjoy!

(I will post every Wednesday)

it will look like this when she is telling you something

It was a wonderful Wednesday, so I (Amy) decided to take the pandas out side.


What a nice spot! lots of shade too. I said as a plopped the carrier down. Now, you may be wondering why I have pandas.


Sure looks like a nice spot. They are’t mine. I work at a wild animal sanctuary. So we have to take the animals out every now and then. And the pandas are my responsibility.

IMG_2887 So I took my shoes off.


And plodded down the blanket.


As soon as I sat down I let the Pandas out.  I Hate Putting them is a “Cage” as some people call it.


I watched How they cutely scurried out and….


on to my lap! Sadly, and cutely, they think I am there Mom. There Mom died when they were just baby’s. So luckily, we found them. Sorry, I found them. 


All the sudden, they jumped on my face and started playing around. I quickly twisted and turned and all that stuff. They were attached. So, I throw them off. They landed perfectly. But what wasn’t perfect was, there appearance.


You need to learn some manners.


Stay tuned for the next part!






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