The Q&A Tag!!! / / An Amy Take-Over Post


Hello fellow doll Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today have special tag today! It is called the Q&A Tag!! And Amy was Taged by the amazing, most awesome blogger, AGs in Alaska!!!!!!!  Please Go follow her blog!! And so, Here Are the rules!!


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  • List these rules in your post.
  • Create your own AG Q&A Tag button. If you don’t know how, you may use mine or skip this step.
  • Thank the person/doll that nominated you and give a link to the blog.
  • Come up with five questions for your nominees. You can include these in your tag post of send them separately. Do NOT ask any personal or inappropriate questions.
  • Have your doll that was nominated answer the questions given.
  • Nominate 3-5 other AG bloggers’ dolls.
  • Notify your nominees and send them a link to your tag post.


Okay!! Without further Ado-! Me!! Amy!! Oh, I am sorry, did I interrupt? Nope, Its fine. 😉 Great Then!! I can’t wait to do this!! Is this the first time in history that a barbie was taged for this?? (Cricket cricket) That wasn’t really an answer.. BUT OKAY!!! THAT WILL WORK! Okay yeah, on to the tag!

  • Would you go to space, if it is possible for people who aren’t astronauts to go there in the future?

I am a zoologist, so I don’t know that much about space (And have no desire to learn about it) If there are space animals that I can help then yes! 

  • What is your favorite kind of dessert?

Strawberry swirl! Yum!

  • Do you have a pet? If so, what kind of animal is he/she?

I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a……….. PANDA! Two actually a boy and girl. 😉 I love them! 

  • Do you like snakes?

Hmm, I work with someone that owns like, 7 snakes!! They are cool… But I had too take care of them for a week! Not so cool…………………. Yikes!

  • Do you prefer snow, rain, or sun?

Rain!! I love to run and play in it with my Colorful umbrella and my Black and pink poka-dotted rain boots!! 

You can answer the questions I did!!


Well sadly, I have to say goodbye, See you Girls Later! Oh! And I almost forgot! I have to tag other girls! Hum….. (3 minutes later)

Mary @ Jaguars Blog

Tinker Bell @ Tinker Bell’s Treasure

Felicity @ American Girl World

Okay!! Hope You gals have fun!! And I hope to see you soon!! Bye now!

Bye from me too!!

yeah, you too!





Okay  bye!!






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