Photoshoot With Kit!!/ / Collab With Lainey

Hello Fellow Doll Lovers! Today I have a collab with the wonderful blogger, Lainey! Most of you may not know her, but me and her live in the same state! She is an amazing blogger! Please go check out her blog! Now on to the photoshoot!

IMG_3461IMG_3462 (1)IMG_3463IMG_3464IMG_3465

TA-DA!!! Isn’t Kit so pretty?!

About the Outfit:

Dress: American Girl, Truly Me

Shoes: Walmart, My Life.


WAIT!!! Before you go, I have something to show you




*Mind Blown* This doll was in perfect condition, besides the hair needing to be brushed and something sticky on her leg… BUT 75 DOLLARS?!?! YESSSS!

But sadly, already have the same doll….. 😦

Anyway. Please check out lainey’s blog!





8 thoughts on “Photoshoot With Kit!!/ / Collab With Lainey

  1. Lu D. says:

    Beautiful pictures! We do need to get together to take pictures, I’ll email you soon about a date. Sorry I’ve been so busy recently!

    ~Lainey-Lu D.
    P.S. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Liked by 1 person

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