About me the human

my Name is Mary but you can call me Maria I  am 11 years old live In Louisiana and home-schooled(and it rocks!)I LOVE JESUS!! .I own 2 American Girl dolls kit and Elizabeth rose (a truly me doll  )i have 4 siblings 2 boys 2 girls(Sam is one of them).I have 7 pets A Sheltie named Lola , a morke named molly, a cat, 3 horses (baby girl, diamond and spirit) and 15-25 chickens.he he he 🙂

here are some facts about me…..

i love horses

i have a doll house

i love to read


AKA I ride western.
my favorite verse is, john 3;16
I have blond  hair.

RipStik master


4 thoughts on “About me the human

  1. Lydia Loves Jesus says:

    Wow! It’s great to know about you! I’m home schooled too.
    What is your favorite part of LA? I’m in the 4-H cooking competition, and my team won 1st place for my state and we get to go to LA for the Nationals!

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