Meet the dolls!

Here you can meet the dolls and ask them questions! So get your reading glasses on!



~Name: Elizabeth Rose Kittredge
~Nick-Name: Liz, Beth, Lizzy, Rosy Roo (Only MG Calls Her That)
~Favorite Color : Teal
~likes: Taking Awesome Meaningful Hikes, Messaging Her BFF,Playing with Stormy,
~dis-likes: Dirt, 5% on phone, Messy bed time hair, Pickles. Terrible photo quality.
~ Fun Fact: Sometimes She Has to where Glasses
~ Favorite Food: Sushi
~Favorite Animal: Giraffe
~ What She Wants To Be When She Grows Up: Scientist

~ Random Question: Who is your Role Model?: Z YANG!

~Name: Margret Mildred Kittredge
~Nick-Name: Kit ( Everyone Calls Her This)
~Favorite Color : Pink!
~likes: Open Windows, Leaky Roofs, helping people, Playing with Ruthie, Making newspapers. Baseball
~dis-likes: Her Uncle Hendricks Dog, Inky. Bad newspapers, Mean boys in her class, Rail road bully’s
~ Fun Fact: She is SUPER smart, but she doesn’t like to show it
~ Favorite Food: Apple Cake
~Favorite Animal: Dog
~ What She Wants To Be When She Grows Up: Reporter

~ Random Question: If you where to go anywhere in the world where would you go? : Cubs Baseball Game?

Name: Saige Haley Kittredge
Nick-name: Hay-hay
Little Bit about me:
I love horses! I have one named Pinto. I love to paint! I live near a huge Pasture, so whenever I want alone time with my horse I can just grab the bridle and hop right on up bareback. I am 13 years old. I am also very popular at my school. My sister that I hang around the most is probably Liz, Because we share a room! And I have a twin! Her name is Caroline.My favorite food is probably Mac ‘N’ cheese! Well the way M-G makes it anyway.:D I also love to limb trees!I like to write as well. It makes me calm. I hope I could be a children’s author when I grow up!

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